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Another remix over on Hallow

2017-05-12 22:51:21 by Gragon73

More melodic breaks for you all.

New track on a new alias

2017-02-09 18:40:05 by Gragon73

It's been a while since I've posted anything here... so here's a remix I've been working on for a while on a new alias!

Go give it a listen, and follow me if you enjoy it - I'll be refining my style there, and any support is greatly appreciated!


I will remain semi-active as Gragon - expect some stuff that's too far from the style I'm going for with Hallow to show up on my SoundCloud. I probably won't upload much here, though.

Update on that new project

2016-11-29 15:38:08 by Gragon73

Check my Clyp profile (can be accessed through the previous post) for the latest version. You won't regret it.

This one will hopefully be accepted by Dreamscape. It's certainly a better song all around than Storm was.

Storm update & an old project

2016-11-22 21:26:47 by Gragon73

So Storm was unfortunately not accepted. It's a bit disappointing, but I understand that it is certainly not the most incredible track and has some flaws.

Remind me to release it later in the comments.

On the other hand, I started another track on Saturday that is "almost finished" (, and will also be remaking a certain old track...

Newest project.

2016-11-11 20:45:42 by Gragon73

Storm. Get hyped.

I'm applying to Dreamscape with this. *crosses fingers*

A project should be showing here.

Production progress

2016-10-18 14:59:59 by Gragon73

I'm learning LOADS.

Expect me to upload less often here. I plan on posting mainly on SoundCloud (and possibly trying to get into a smaller label or two), but I'll come back here once in a while.

Speaking of SoundCloud, go check out my most recent track, Snarl. It's significant progress from anything else I've made so far, and the things I'm currently working on are significant progress from it, as I got a lot of great feedback.

So I made a profile picture...

2016-08-05 18:49:53 by Gragon73

September 11 - made another one. I like this one more - the background isn't just black, and the curve is more enhanced.


2016-06-12 12:40:19 by Gragon73

Studying is fun, right?




I have no time anymore...

Progress on Shimmer

2016-05-29 16:36:57 by Gragon73

So I posted this WIP a couple weeks ago and got around to working a lot more on it today (Noir was my main focus for a bit because I was really enjoying it), and it's coming along nicely - I've added a bunch more stuff in, so it's looking like my most complex work yet.

The main news about it is that I'm actually going to make two cuts - a DnB version which will be a little under four minutes (basically twice the WIP), and a progressive version which will be much longer and possibly have some drums fit more to the Trance genre, the other that inspired this work.

I also may or may not rip off @Eargasm87 a tiny bit with a couple background melodies... Lift is great <3

Now you can LITERALLY shitpost.

Thank you, @Luis and @Clatform.